Some Small Tricks That Will Make Your Time In The Kitchen More Bearable

Whether you are a housewife, a working woman or man, or a bachelor, you will need some good kitchen skills if you want to be independent and not to waste money on take outs, restaurants or bars. There is nothing better than homemade food and you need to be somewhat familiar with the kitchen. Even if your whole life you were a cook there is always room for improvement.

Maintaining a clean and well equipped kitchen takes quite a bit of time and effort not everyone is prepared to delegate. The most annoying thing though is the time that is consumed in preparing a good dish for dinner and the cleaning afterwards. As usual there is a lot of life hacks you can do to avoid at least some of the work and to have more time to enjoy your food. With this tips preparing food and conserving it will be as easy as singing along your favorite song. So let’s begin.

The summer is almost over, but eating ice cream can be a delicious dessert way into the fall. Well of course there is the problem with the guilt after each spoon of this delicious creamy sin you are eating. Don’t worry, there is a healthy and diet friendly solution. Just take a small yogurt in cylindrical container or one that has wider top than bottom. Put a plastic spoon inside the yogurt through the top and put it in the freezer. When you or your kids want something delicious after dinner, just pop the out and you have a nice, tasty diet friendly dessert.

While we are talking about healthy and diet friendly, we should mention basil. Usually it goes bad very fast and it’s quite sad, because it’s very good for your health. One easy way to keep it fresh for longer is to trim the stems and put them in water. After that just cover them loosely with a plastic bag. It will keep them fresh for a week or two.

Garlic is one of the most controversial foods. On the one hand there are people, that use garlic for all kinds of medical purposes, and on the other are those who despise the smell of garlic. No matter on which side you are, there is no doubt that garlic has a lot of benefits to your health and you should use it as a condiment from time to time. This trick will help you peel garlic in less than a minute. Place the cloves in a closed container and shake them vigorously for 10 seconds. The garlic will knock on the sides of the container and it will peel off for only 10 seconds. Some of the cloves might need a second round, but in less than a minute you will have all your cloves ready for whatever you plan for them.

Butter is another item in your freezer that aggravates you whenever you need to use it. That’s because butter has a very low melting point and a very short shelf life, so we need to keep it frozen and hard. On the other hand we need to have some soft butter for cooking or for making sandwiches. Instead of waiting the butter to become softer, just grate your butter, to help it melt faster. This way you can avoid overheating the butter and making it liquid and unusable.