Make it Easy Project – Dating Tips

The best tips for dating, relationships and a happy marriage.

Singles – watch out and follow these 6 tips to be successful with the opposite gender.


1. Love at first sight – First Impressions matter

Your style and haircut might be a shallow thing to judge from, but it’s the first thing you see, and if you’re looking like a bear coming from his winter sleep nobody will be interested in getting to know your amazing character.

2. Make simple date plans for a comfortable place

Dates can be a nervous experience, pick a place you both will feel comfortable at to help with it. Fun activities are great too. Women often prefer when the man takes the lead and decides on a place, but asking her if she likes the choice does not hurt either.

3. Be confident

Women love confident men, talk about subjects you are confident and passionate about, like your favorite activities. Authenticity is more important than trying to like the same things she likes. Also embrace your own weaknesses, it shows confidence like nothing else.

4. Keep the conversation fun

While talking about your passions, do not end up in a ten minute monologue about football. Keep it fun and light-hearted, and show interest in her passions. Avoid too much talk about your job and the usual boring conversation topics.

5. Turn of your phone and pay full attention

Nothing is more annoying in today’s time than a beeping phone, or someone who does not listen and checks their phone instead. Avoid this trap by keeping your phone switched off or at home.

6. Avoid talking about sensitive topics

While it can work out great if you share the same opinion, many sensitive topics like religion, politics can immediately end the date – it’s best to avoid them at first and keep the conversation and topics fun and light.

7. Have a great time

The best mindset to have is simple having a great time together. Don’t plan too far ahead or get stuck in your mind, simply be in the here and now and enjoy each others company, the rest will figure itself out. Overthinking never works, so take these  tips light-hearted, be yourself and have fun!