Easy Hacks That Will Make The School More Fun

The school year has began and everyone is back to the classroom. This means that your kid (or even you depending on how old are you) need new supplies for the time you’ll spend with your classmates. God knows that school supplies can be expensive… well they are not unaffordable, but still they take a portion of your monthly budget. There are those items that are needed through the whole year, so spending money for school is not just once in a year event, but rather a marathon of unexpected (and frankly unwanted) spendings.

It would be so much better if there was a way to cut some of the expenses. Well lucky for you there is. Here are some great life hacks that will help you or your kid to get ready for school all by himself.

Make yourself a compact ruler

Get a sheet of paper from a notebook on squares and place a piece of plastic like your credit card and outline it on the sheet. Now you have a nice rectangle on your squared sheet. Each of the squares is exactly 0.5 centimeters, so now take a pan and make a small line inside the rectangle on every odd square and a longer one on every even square. On the opposite site you can do the same but with inches. 1 inch is 2.54 centimeters So you can draw one one vertical line on every 5 squares to mark one inch.

Your next step is to cut out the rectangle from the sheet and cover it on both sides with some see-through scotch tape. This way your new debit card sized ruler is ready.

Take care of leaking ink from pens

When your child comes home with hands covered in ink, because his pen is leaking is quite annoying, but it’s even more frustrating when his clothes or backpack is covered in ink too. An easy trick will stop this problem from ever happening again. All you need is a small ball of cotton wool. Place it in the cap of the pen and when the pen is closed the extra ink will go in the cotton ball and not on your child’s hands or clothes

Prolong the life of all pens

This trick is especially useful at the beginning of the school year. Than one of the items you surely give money for is a pen, because the ones from last year don’t work. Don’t be hasty to throw them away though. They stopped working because the ink has dried . Just take the handle and a lighter and heat the ink a bit. Soon it will start working again. Be careful not to melt the plastic though, because then the pen will be ruined for sure.